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全館休館日(MEGA WEB closed)
14 Jan.
※ライド スタジオは11/13(水)、14(木)、23(土・祝)~25(月)も休館です。
RIDE STUDIO will be closed also 13,14 and 23-25 Nov.


キッズ ハイブリッドカー体験終了のお知らせ
11月の ROOKIE CAFEの定休日について
「フロアホッケー」体験終了および アルバルク東京「キッズアリーナ」オープンのお知らせ
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Enjoy simulated hands-on experiences with Toyota’s latest safety technologies.

Advanced safety technologies
A chance to experience a range of safety technologies, including pre-crash safety systems and lane departure alerts.

Hybrid Eco-drive
Play this racing game to compare fuel consumption, and experience how it varies between gas-fueled and hybrid cars.
Note: The simulator experiences change on a monthly basis.

Height requirement: 135 cm (4'5") or taller
Duration: Approx. 5 mins Capacity: 1 person Charge: Free

Experience the Lexus Safety System + A preventive safety package, an advanced system adopted for the new LS that is effective for the 4 major types of accidents*

*4 major types of accidents (collisions into vehicles, collisions into pedestrians, lane departures, intersection collisions)

Height requirement: 120 cm (3'11") or taller
※For safety reasons, this experience is unsuitable for visitors who cannot wear seat belts.
Duration: Approx. 5 mins Capacity: 2 person (driver seat, passenger seat) Charge: Free

#最新安全技術を体感 関連イベント