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Mobile Life Area

This area introduces the history of Toyota with a focus on current mobility services.

Parts display

See cars and parts customized by Toyota Racing Development (TRD), which creates parts that incorporate Toyota's extensive motor sports know-how, and Modellista, which produces advanced parts with advanced and sophisticated designs.

Environmentally friendly and safety initiatives to help realize a sustainable society

Mobility for all

BEVs for pedestrian zones and the Toyota Winglet

See how Toyota is assisting mobility in pedestrian zones. Compare standing, sitting, and wheelchair-linked types of personal mobility.

歩行領域EV/ウィングレット/Walking Area BEV/Winglet

The Future Mobility of TOYOTA

See Toyota's vision for lifestyles of the future.

The Future Mobility of TOYOTA

The Future Mobility of TOYOTA

The Future Mobility of TOYOTA

TOKYO 1960s

TOKYO 1960s

This nostalgic exhibit shows classic cars from inside and outside Japan against a backdrop of vintage facades from 1960s Tokyo.

Restore Pit

Take a close look at our skilled craftsmen restoring the performance and beautiful interiors and exteriors of historic cars until they are as good as new.


Situated at the back of the cafe, the Memorial Lounge is a haven where enthusiasts can really feel the history of motor sports.
A wealth of artifacts is on display, including driver figurines and photographs, valuable lapel pins, and motor sports-related newspapers.


The MOTOR SPORTS HERITAGE will be closed from October 20th to end of October due to replacement of exhibits.

Trace the history of motor sports through a combination of actual rally cars and model cars.

List of vehicles on display

トヨペット クラウン RSD/Toyopet Crown Model RSD

Toyopet Crown Model RSD

参戦年 1957年 ※レプリカ

トヨタ MR2(222D)/Toyota MR2 222D

Toyota MR2 222D

参戦年 1985年 ※グループS試作車

セリカ GT-Four(ST165)/CELICA GT-Four ST165


参戦年 1990年

セリカ GT-Four(ST185)/CELICA GT-Four ST185 #6

CELICA GT-Four ST185 #6

参戦年 1993年

セリカ GT-Four(ST205)/CELICA GT-Four ST205


参戦年 1995年 ※レプリカ

カローラ WR-Car/Corolla WRC

Corolla WRC

参戦年 1997年 ※プロトタイプ

* Some cars may not be on display due to changes in the exhibits or for maintenance.


This thirty-meter-long corridor is lined on both sides by three-meter-high shelves. The corridor is designed to look like a wine cellar to evoke the fantasy of a famous collector coming back from an overseas tour with hundreds of exotic books and car toys.

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