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MEGA WEB closed
Temporarily closed from July 12.


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This is the first area visitors see when they arrive at MEGA WEB.It showcases electrified vehicles that have been launched around the world.

Mobile Life Area

This area introduces the history of Toyota with a focus on current mobility services.



Have fun exploring Toyota's initiatives for mobility and future technologies.

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The car runs on hydrogen!? "Learning about the fuel cell"

Let's enjoy learning about fuel cell vehicles and how the car supplies an electricity♪

Mobility for all

BEVs for pedestrian zones and the Toyota Winglet

See how Toyota is assisting mobility in pedestrian zones. Compare standing, sitting, and wheelchair-linked types of personal mobility.

歩行領域EV/ウィングレット/Walking Area BEV/Winglet

The Future Mobility of TOYOTA

See Toyota's vision for lifestyles of the future.

The Future Mobility of TOYOTA

The Future Mobility of TOYOTA

The Future Mobility of TOYOTA

Environmentally friendly and safety initiatives to help realize a sustainable society

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