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MEGA WEB closed
Temporarily closed from July 12.


Notification of closure of MEGA WEB
Notice of temporary closure
About the Eurosport closed down
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This is the first area visitors see when they arrive at MEGA WEB.It showcases electrified vehicles that have been launched around the world.


Many of Toyota's latest cars are on show. Check out your favorite model!

Mobile Life Area

This area introduces the history of Toyota with a focus on current mobility services.

The Mega Stage

The Mega Stage is the venue for a range of events relating to cars, music, sport, and more!


EURO SPORTS has been closed permanently as of July 11.
Thank you very much for your patronage over the years.

The largest official F1 merchandise store in Tokyo, offering something for everyone from adults to children.As well as stocking official F1 merchandise from such brands as Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes, and McLaren, the EURO SPORTS store also stocks a wide range of other official motor sports merchandise from around the world, including the IndyCar series, Super GT, and MotoGP.You never know, you might just find a limited edition collaborative product, or something else rare.


See for yourself some of the activities of Toyota Gazoo Racing, Toyota's motor sports team, and its "GR" sports car brand.

Display of sports cars from Toyota Gazoo Racing

The Nurburgring in Germany is said to be the toughest race circuit in the world, and is where car manufacturers from all over the globe compete to develop winning vehicles. The Toyota Gazoo Racing team uses this course to make its models more distinctive.On show in the garage are a number of models that competed in the Nurburgring 24-hour endurance race, including the Lexus LFA.

Motor sports simulator

Play the popular PlayStation4 game, Gran Turismo Sport!

Height restriction: 135 cm or taller
* Those shorter than 135 cm may use the simulator with a parent or guardian.
Duration: Approx. 5 minutes
Capacity: 1 person Charge: Free

The Mega Theater

A motion theater offering the experience of a thrilling virtual car ride via video shown on a 380-inch screen.

Height restriction: 120 cm or taller
Capacity: 20 people Charge: Free
Duration: Approx. 10 minutes

Parts display

See cars and parts customized by Toyota Racing Development (TRD), which creates parts that incorporate Toyota's extensive motor sports know-how, and Modellista, which produces advanced parts with advanced and sophisticated designs.


This zone showcases Toyota's corporate sports activities. It includes an area where you can experience Paralympic sports for yourself, as well as exhibits featuring the Alvark Tokyo professional basketball team.

Alvark Tokyo Kids' Arena

Small children can have fun playing basketball in the Kids’ Arena.Classic uniforms and commemorative championship-winning goods from the Alvark Tokyo professional basketball team are also on display.

Try out new things with Luke the mascot!

Watch a video starring Luke, the mascot of the Alvark Tokyo basketball team, trying out new things throughout MEGA WEB.



The Paralympic sports experience zone

Try your hand at Paralympic sports such as boccia and wheelchair basketball!

11:00 to 18:00(last orders: 17:00)

The ROOKIE CAFE offers a healthy menu, including drinks and desserts using soy milk and okara (a type of tofu). Enjoy your meal an open atmosphere inspired by northern European design.

Click here for details.

Soda float with soy milk ice cream

Caffè Latte

* The photos show serving suggestions.



Have fun exploring Toyota's initiatives for mobility and future technologies.

Environmentally friendly and safety initiatives to help realize a sustainable society

See a wide range of environmentally friendly technologies from hybrids to fuel cell vehicles, as well as Toyota's latest safety and automated driving technologies to help reduce traffic accidents.

Mobility for all

Technology Station

Watch presentations about the types of mobility that can create true freedom of movement. The operation of the electrified vehicles on display is linked to the e-Road inside MEGA WEB.

TOYOTA Concept-i RIDE / Toyota i-Road

Discover a personal mobility vehicle that offers a new concept in urban transportation.



BEVs for pedestrian zones and the Toyota Winglet

See how Toyota is assisting mobility in pedestrian zones. Compare standing, sitting, and wheelchair-linked types of personal mobility.

歩行領域EV/ウィングレット/Walking Area BEV/Winglet

The Future Mobility of TOYOTA

See Toyota's vision for lifestyles of the future.

The Future Mobility of TOYOTA

The Future Mobility of TOYOTA

The Future Mobility of TOYOTA

Car consultation counter

Our Mireru consultants will use the cars on show to answer any questions you might have, including questions relating to colors, storage space, comfort, and how to operate Welcab assisted mobility vehicles.Tell us about yourself and let us propose the car-based lifestyle that suits you best! Feel free to ask the consultants for whatever advice you need.

Click here for details.

Welcab assisted mobility vehicles

The individual needs of car users are diversifying ever more as they use their cars in a variety of different ways, making a universal design–based approach to vehicle manufacturing increasingly necessary.Toyota’s range of Welcab assisted mobility vehicles provides a wide variety of models to choose from, including Friendmatic vehicles, which are equipped with driving assistance devices.

Welcab website

RIDE ONE test drives

If you find a car that interests you, go ahead and book a test drive straight away. That is how cars are supposed to be enjoyed at MEGA WEB. Test drive the Toyota of your choice over two laps of our 1.3 km test course that runs between the three MEGA WEB pavilions. This course has been specially designed to emphasize the fun of driving through a wide range of features, such as cobblestones and nighttime illumination. We also offer training courses based on your driving level.

Click here for details.

Get behind the wheel! Training course for inexperienced drivers

This training course is for people who lack confidence in their driving.Practice basic driving, turning, and stopping operations, and learn the secrets of parking and parallel parking through one-on-one instruction on a driving course. You can also try out a special braking function that helps you if you press the wrong pedal by mistake.

Click here for details.


Trace the history of motor sports through a combination of actual rally cars and model cars.

List of vehicles on display

トヨペット クラウン RSD/Toyopet Crown Model RSD

Toyopet Crown Model RSD

参戦年 1957年 ※レプリカ

セリカ ツインカム ターボ TA64/Celica Twin-Cam turbo TA64

Celica Twin-Cam turbo TA64

参戦年 1985年

※No exhibition is scheduled on 3/31~8/31

トヨタ MR2(222D)/Toyota MR2 222D

Toyota MR2 222D

参戦年 1985年 ※グループS試作車

セリカ GT-Four(ST165)/CELICA GT-Four ST165


参戦年 1990年

セリカ GT-Four(ST185)/CELICA GT-Four ST185 #6

CELICA GT-Four ST185 #6

参戦年 1993年

セリカ GT-Four(ST205)/CELICA GT-Four ST205


参戦年 1995年 ※レプリカ

カローラ WR-Car/Corolla WRC

Corolla WRC

参戦年 1997年 ※プロトタイプ

* Some cars may not be on display due to changes in the exhibits or for maintenance.

Restore Pit

Take a close look at our skilled craftsmen restoring the performance and beautiful interiors and exteriors of historic cars until they are as good as new.

11:00 - 19:00

This is a model car store selling primarily 1:43- and 1:18-scale models of sports cars.
The model cars are displayed within the same space as the cafe. Take your time looking at your favorite models over a cup of coffee.

* Saturdays and holidays: 11:00 to 20:00

GREASE GPS website

Cafe & Bar Grease
11:30 - 17:00(L.O.16:30)

Enjoy Italian coffee and delicious snacks at Cafe & Bar Grease, which is modeled on a drivers' lounge of old where race car drivers would gather to eat and rest.

* The cafe is non-smoking. Smoking tables are available on an outside terrace.

Click here for details.


Situated at the back of the cafe, the Memorial Lounge is a haven where enthusiasts can really feel the history of motor sports.
A wealth of artifacts is on display, including driver figurines and photographs, valuable lapel pins, and motor sports-related newspapers.

TOKYO 1960s

TOKYO 1960s

This nostalgic exhibit shows classic cars from inside and outside Japan against a backdrop of vintage facades from 1960s Tokyo.


Enjoy a range of classic cars from the 1950s and 1970s, against various different themed backdrops.

List of cars on display

* Some cars may not be on display due to changes in the exhibits or for maintenance.


This thirty-meter-long corridor is lined on both sides by three-meter-high shelves. The corridor is designed to look like a wine cellar to evoke the fantasy of a famous collector coming back from an overseas tour with hundreds of exotic books and car toys.


Give preschool children a chance to drive over a specially designed mini course. You can also drive the Sora hydrogen-powered bus.

Course driving (10 minutes): Free-of-charge
Height/weight restrictions: Under 120 cm in height and under 25 kg in weight
(Each car must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to help the child drive safely.)
Age: Preschool (aged 3 to 6)
Capacity: 1 person

English OK

Now at PETIT RIDE ONE! The SORA fuel cell bus

Looks just like the SORA bus now driving around Tokyo. Enjoy driving while learning about traffic rules!



Electric vehicles can be driven by children of elementary school age (6 years of age) or older. Experience real driving!

Beginner lesson (15 minutes): 300 yen, Course driving (2 laps): 200 yen
Height restriction: 115 cm or taller
Age restriction: Elementary school students (6 years of age) or older
Capacity: 1 person

* Course driving participants must pass the Beginner lesson to obtain their license or must already be in possession of a driver's license for ordinary motor vehicles.
* Visitors who can understand instructions in Japanese, English, Chinese, or Korean may take the Beginner lesson. Other visitors may only take part in a simplified test drive.



Toyota's LQ concept, which shows how a car that is truly beloved by its owner might look in a new age, has been recreated as part of the Pius lineup. Enjoy the future of driving.

Course driving (2 laps of the course): 200 yen
Eligible drivers: Holders of a blue license or higher obtained for the Pius (or Camatte), or holders of a driver's license for ordinary motor vehicles.
Capacity: 1 person


English OK

Introducing the LQ-Pius, exclusive to MEGA WEB!

Designed to be beloved by the next generation, the LQ can be driven by all ages, including children. It’s the car that talks!


The MIRAI, a hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle, has been recreated as part of the Pius lineup. The FC-PIUS is a fully functioning vehicle powered by electricity generated from hydrogen.

Course driving (2 laps of the course): 200 yen
Eligible drivers:
- Holders of a gold license obtained for the PIUS (or Camatte) or holders of a driver's license for ordinary motor vehicles.
- People who have taken the course to learn about the FC-PIUS.
Capacity: 1 person


English OK

It works on a fuel cell!

The MIRAI, a hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle, has been recreated as part of the PIUS lineup.

Family e-Palette

Almost like the real e-Palette from Toyota! With their guardian in the back seat, a child in the front seat can enjoy a ride like on a real autonomous vehicle.

Course driving(2 laps): 200 yen
Height restriction:
Front seat height restriction: Under 120 cm (Riders must be capable of entering and exiting the vehicle without assistance.)
Rear seat height restriction: 140 cm or taller (people of junior high school age (13 years of age) or older)
* Anyone that satisfies these conditions can take part in a ride, as well as parents and children.
* The MIRAI can be ridden by solo riders that satisfy these conditions.
Capacity: 2 people

English OK

New mobility "Family e-Palette" debut in Ride Studio

The person in the back seat can drive, and the child in the front seat can have an autonomous-driving-like experience.

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