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HOMEPrivacy policy

Privacy policy

Handling of Personal Information (privacy policy)
Amlux Toyota Co., Ltd. regards protecting the privacy of its customers as of the utmost importance. We have designed this page to explain how we collect personal information about our customers via our website (megaweb.gr.jp), and how we use and safeguard this information.
Personal information provided by the customer
We may receive personal information from customers, including the names, location, age, gender, telephone numbers, and email addresses of customers, to help us provide information related to the products and services of Amlux Toyota Co., Ltd. or Toyota Motor Corporation to customers. Additionally, we may also ask customers to provide other personal information to help us supply certain information as requested by the customer. In this case, other than some required items, customers are able to select which information to provide.
IP addresses and cookies
To enable better management of our website, we collect the IP address used when the customer's computer connects to the Internet. These IP addresses are stored on our web server and help us to prevent unauthorized access to our website and to rapidly identify and resolve issues that might occur in our web server. These IP addresses are only used to ensure the appropriate and safe management and operation of services via our website. The IP addresses are never linked to the personal information of customers or disclosed in any way.
Although we collect information about the status of service usage by customers, this information is never used to identify individual customers or disclosed in any way. However, we may use IP addresses to identify individuals and implement countermeasures if deemed necessary to safeguard the website or our customers. We may also use cookies to provide better services.
Cookies help us to improve the functionality of our website when customers use the website more than once. The cookies will not harm the privacy of customers or have an adverse effect on the computers used by customers. Internet browsers can be instructed to block all cookies or to notify users when cookers are sent. However, this may limit the use of certain features of our website.
Reasons for using personal information
The reasons for collecting personal information from customers are stated on each web page requiring the registration of personal information.
We will not use personal information registered by customers on a particular web page for any other reason than that stated on that page.
Provision of personal information to third parties and secondary usage of personal information
Depending on the service requested by customers on our website, we may notify personal information within the required scope to third parties. In this event, when a customer applies to use that service, we will notify the customer that information will be provided to third parties and obtain agreement from the customer. (For example, customers requesting the use of our email-based information notification service will be informed that this information will be provided to the relevant car dealers and to survey companies for the purpose of research being carried out by Amlux Toyota Co., Ltd., and so on.)
Other than the cases described above, we will not disclose the personal information of customers to third parties without the prior consent of the customer. However, we may disclose information without the consent of customers if urgently required to safeguard life or human rights, if requested to cooperate with a public institution such as a judicial or police agency in accordance with the law, or under the requirements of other laws or regulations.
Management of personal information
We have stringent measures in place to ensure that personal information provided by customers when using our website is not lost or damaged. Additionally, we store the personal information of customers in an environment that can only be accessed by the administrators of our website, and we stringent security measures in place to ensure that information is not leaked to third parties or altered by external means.
If we subcontract work related to the operation of our website or work related to the use, management, or the like of personal information from customers, we rigorously monitor and control how personal information is handled by the subcontractor.
Customer responsibilities
Although our website contains links to other websites, it is the responsibility of the customer to confirm how those linked websites handle personal information.
Our website should be used under the responsibility of the customer. Amlux Toyota Co., Ltd. will not bear any responsibility for damage or loss caused by the use of information obtained using the personal information of customers collected by our website or other websites linked from our website.

We may revise or update this privacy policy when appropriate.
All revisions and updates will be notified on this page.

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