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MEGA WEB closed
12 Jan.


Notice of internet reservation start
Notice of change in operating method
Notice of operation by the "e-kart ride" and "Camatte"
Notification of partially reopens
Notice of coronavirus


Even if you are unable to visit MEGA WEB, you can always enjoy from the videos! Enjoy MEGA WEB “online” as well.

Introduction to MEGA WEB

MEGA WEB is a theme park that lets you see, ride, and experience the world of mobility at first hand! Watch exciting videos of the latest mobility technologies, famous cars from around the world, test driving courses for both adults and children, and much more!

1. What exactly is the fun-filled hands-on theme park of MEGA WEB?

2. The MOBILITY ZONE: Check out the latest models and mobility services.

3. The TECHNOLOGY ZONE: Experience Toyota's latest technology.

4. The HISTORY GARAGE: See famous cars from around the world and relive automotive history.

Online training course for inexperienced drivers

Our popular training course to encourage inexperienced drivers to get behind the wheel is now online! Improve your driving skills by following the instructions of our ace instructor, Champ Fujita.

1.Reverse parking

2. Parallel parking

3. Blind spots

4. Supplement: Introduction to Toyota’s safety technologies

MEGA WEB’s online vehicle tutorials

Learn about the latest models and watch some of the presentations held at MEGA WEB.

Vehicle tutorial: The Yaris Cross

Vehicle tutorial: The Harrier

Presentation: Power Supply Systems

The EV Show & Parade @ MEGA WEB: See EVs and electrically powered personal mobility vehicles in action!


The HISTORY GARAGE is a showcase of automotive history featuring historic cars from Toyota and all over the world. See models on display being restored, special exhibits, and the atmosphere of the HISTORY GARAGE.

Special exhibition: Car of the Century - One model that had the biggest impact on society in the 20th century -

The Restore Pit: Watch the skill of the craftsman bringing a Citroen DS19 back to life.

The Restore Pit: Watch the skill of the craftsman bringing a Toyota 1600GT (RT55) back to life.

The Restore Pit: Watch the skill of the craftsman bringing a Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR32) back to life.

Watch every video on MEGA WEB’s official YouTube channel! Don’t forget to register!


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