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HOMEReopen of RIDE STUDIO operation

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MEGA WEB closed
9 and 10 Nov.


Notice of change in operating method
Notice of operation by the "e-kart ride" and "Camatte"
Notification of partially reopens
Notice of coronavirus
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Reopen of RIDE STUDIO operation

ライド スタジオでは新型コロナウィルス感染症の拡大防止のため、

 ■ピウス初心者講習、ピウス走行体験、プチライドワン  各先着44名/日
 ■FC-PIUS走行体験 先着22名/日
  ※「FC PIUS」はモデルチェンジのため 、10/26(月)~12月末頃までご乗車いただけません。
 ■LQ-PIUS走行体験 先着20名/日



We will operate with significantly reduced boarding slots to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

 ■PIUS Beginner lesson, PIUS Course driving, Petit Ride One : First 44 arrivals / day
 ■FC-PIUS Course driving : First 22 arrivals /day
  ※Due to a model change, "FC-PIUS" unavailable from October 26 to the end of December.
 ■LQ-PIUS Course driving : First 20 arrivals /day

All content will be reservations on the day. The reception will close after fully booked, so you might not available even if you visit during opening hours.

*People who don't wear a mask or have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher are not allowed to ride. (The temperature will be measured at reception)

Thank you for your cooperation in order to everyone's safety and enjoyment.