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RIDE STUDIO Information

closed   13 Apr, 11 May, 14&15 Jun.

Notice of internet reservation start of "Family e-Palette"

"Family e-Palette", which debuts on April 15, has started pre-booking online. Reservations can be made 3 days in advance.

Ride Studio requires online reservations.

Please check the eligible drivers on our website and make a reservation by clicking the " Reservations" button before visiting.

A zone for children and all the family: experience the fun of driving, and learn about traffic rules and fuel cells.

Show your children the fun of driving in the RIDE STUDIO. It includes cars like the Pius that can be driven by children of elementary school age (6 years of age) or older, as well as a version of the Pius called the FC-Pius that can teach children about hydrogen fuel cells. The PETIT RIDE ONE attraction is also available for smaller children.



Give preschool children a chance to drive over a specially designed mini course. You can also drive the Sora hydrogen-powered bus.

Course driving (10 minutes): Free-of-charge
Height/weight restrictions: Under 120 cm in height and under 25 kg in weight
(Each car must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to help the child drive safely.)
Age: Preschool (aged 3 to 6)
Capacity: 1 person

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Now at PETIT RIDE ONE! The SORA fuel cell bus

Looks just like the SORA bus now driving in Tokyo. Enjoy driving while learning about traffic rules!



Electric vehicles can be driven by children of elementary school age (6 years of age) or older. Experience real driving!

Beginner lesson (15 minutes): 300 yen, Course driving (2 laps): 200 yen
Height restriction: 115 cm or taller
Age restriction: Elementary school students (6 years of age) or older
Capacity: 1 person

* Course driving participants must pass the Beginner lesson to obtain their license or must already be in possession of a driver's license for ordinary motor vehicles.
* Visitors who can understand instructions in Japanese, English, Chinese, or Korean may take the Beginner lesson. Other visitors may only take part in a simplified test drive.


Explanation of the driving license system for the Pius
  • Beginners

    Beginner lesson

    Provisional license

    Earn your provisional license after passing the training course. With this license, you can take part in various Course drivings. (People who fail the Beginner lesson must take it again from the beginning.)

  • Course driving

    Green license

    Pass the Course driving and earn your full license. Upgrade to a blue license after driving five times around the course.

  • Course driving

    Blue license

    Upgrade to a gold license after driving five more times around the course.

  • Course driving

    Gold license

    Gold license

Upgrade your license and qualify to drive the LQ-PIUS and FC-PIUS!


Toyota's LQ concept, which shows how a car that is truly beloved by its owner might look in a new age, has been recreated as part of the Pius lineup. Enjoy the future of driving.

Course driving (2 laps of the course): 200 yen
Eligible drivers: Holders of a blue license or higher obtained for the Pius (or Camatte), or holders of a driver's license for ordinary motor vehicles.
Capacity: 1 person


English OK

Introducing the LQ-Pius, exclusive to MEGA WEB!

Designed to be beloved by the next generation, the LQ can be driven by all ages, including children. It’s the car that talks!


The MIRAI, a hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle, has been recreated as part of the Pius lineup. The FC-PIUS is a fully functioning vehicle powered by electricity generated from hydrogen.

Course driving (2 laps of the course): 200 yen
Eligible drivers:
- Holders of a gold license obtained for the PIUS (or Camatte) or holders of a driver's license for ordinary motor vehicles.
- People who have taken the course to learn about the FC-PIUS.
Capacity: 1 person


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It works on a "fuel cell"!

The fuel cell vehicle "New Mirai" is replicated in PIUS for kids to drive it.

Family e-Palette

Almost like the real e-Palette from Toyota! With their guardian in the back seat, a child in the front seat can enjoy a ride like on a real autonomous vehicle.

Course driving(2 laps): 200 yen
Height restriction:
Front seat height restriction: Under 120 cm (Riders must be capable of entering and exiting the vehicle without assistance.)
Rear seat height restriction: 140 cm or taller (people of junior high school age (13 years of age) or older)
* Anyone that satisfies these conditions can take part in a ride, as well as parents and children.
* The MIRAI can be ridden by solo riders that satisfy these conditions.
Capacity: 2 people

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April 15 ★ New mobility "Family e-Palette" debut in Ride Studio

The person in the back seat can drive, and the child in the front seat can have an autonomous-driving-like experience.

RIDE STUDIO  news & topics

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You can always enjoy your time with videos from "MEGA WEB ONLINE".

Uploaded a new video ★ 2021. 4.2
A fun-filled interactive mobility-based theme park for all the family "MEGA WEB"
Location : MEGA WEB

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Earn your gold driver's license for the PIUS!

You can get the provisional license, if you drive well at the beginner lesson.
Location : RIDE STUDIO

Precautions for participants
  • The heights of drivers and passengers will be measured at the reception counter. Please ensure that all those who will actually be riding in the car are present.
    Children of elementary school age (12 years of age) or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Drivers and passengers should assemble at the prearranged meeting time. It will not be possible to join in once the time slot has started, transfer to an alternative time slot, or to receive a refund.
  • Participants are not allowed to drive barefoot or while wearing unsuitable shoes, such as sandals, high heels, clogs, platforms, or roller shoes.
    Suitable shoes may be borrowed. Please ask a member of staff for details.
  • Staff may refuse permission to ride if a participant is unable to sit in the vehicle with the seatbelt properly fastened, or for any other safety-related reasons.
  • Only people who can operate a car unaided may participate in ride experiences.
  • Pregnant women, people who have consumed alcohol, or people with a physical injury may not participate in ride experiences.
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