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Cafe & Bar Grease

Cafe & Bar Grease

Opening hours 11:30 to 17:00 (last orders: 16:30)

カフェ&バー グリース

カフェ&バー グリース

Food menu:

Panini sandwiches

¥ 630


¥ 430~
Drinks menu:

Iced coffee

¥ 350


¥ 400

Blood orange juice

¥ 430

Enjoy the bygone atmosphere of yesteryear at the Cafe & Bar Grease. The Cafe & Bar Grease is situated at the far left of the first floor of the HISTORY GARAGE on the edge of Venus Fort. Walk through a passage straight out of a museum and a classic bar counter will come into sight, surrounded by pictures of cars.

The interior of the cafe is arranged with comfortable sofas in a relaxing atmosphere with soft music playing in the background. Relax and enjoy a delicious cappuccino surrounded by authentic automotive memorabilia such as bucket seats and tables adorned with race car tires. Shut out the bustle of downtown Odaiba and imagine yourself sitting in a peaceful European cafe.

Enjoy Italian coffee and delicious snacks in an atmosphere modeled on a drivers' lounge of old where race car drivers would gather to eat and rest. The top choice on our Italian bar-themed menu is, of course, Cappuccino! Delight in the delicious smooth combination of fresh cream-styled milk and rich espresso. Other standout items include our hand-made panini sandwiches.

Hold a superb memorial party in Odaiba!

The Cafe & Bar Grease is available as an atmospheric party space. The calming external lighting, beautiful view of the fountain, and airy space created by the high ceiling make the Cafe & Bar Grease an ideal choice.
It is perfect for wedding parties, welcome, or farewell events.
Call us for more information on 03-3599-3722.

カフェ&バー グリース MENU

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