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히스토리 개러지


About temporary closure of "MOTOR SPORTS HERITAGE"

The MOTOR SPORTS HERITAGE will be closed from October 20th to end of October due to replacement of exhibits.

MEGA WEB closed  

Get up close to the world’s historic cars in an exhibit steeped in nostalgia

The HISTORY GARAGE is a place where historic cars from Toyota and all over the world are gathered together.

The exhibition contains different sections where you can enjoy the history of motor sports, and watch master craftsmen at work as they restore the exhibits. Walk through the exhibition at your leisure and bask in feelings of nostalgia, enjoy the model car shop, and take a break in the cafe.


HISTORY GARAGE news & topics

1999-2021 MEGA WEB
Thank you for 22 years

A chronological exhibition that introduces the history and a quiz / stamp rally are being held♪
Location : MEGA WEB

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You can always enjoy your time with videos from "MEGA WEB ONLINE".

Uploaded a new video ★ 2021.10.22
Vehicle tutorial: The COROLLA CROSS
Location : MEGA WEB

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Special exhibition "MOTOR PANIC Matsuyama Takashi Illustration Exhibition"

A trip around the "cars running in the cities of the world" with illustrations ♪ The drawn cars are also on display

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