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HOMERIDE ONEWelcab test drives

Welcab test drives


Offering everybody the freedom of comfortable mobility

The individual needs of car users are diversifying ever more as they use their cars in a variety of different ways, making a universal design–based approach to vehicle manufacturing increasingly necessary. Toyota’s range of Welcab assisted mobility vehicles exemplifies this approach. Toyota considers the user's name from the earliest stage to develop the base vehicle. It then provides a carefully tailored service to customize the vehicle according to the user’s individual circumstances and intended use.

* The name "Welcab" was created using the words "well," "welcome," and "cabin."

Toyota’s range of Welcab assisted mobility vehicles provides a wide variety of models to choose from, including Friendmatic vehicles, which are equipped with driving assistance devices. MEGA WEB's specialist staff can explain how these cars are operated, as well as answer other queries, including questions about customization.

* All Welcab test drives are free-of-charge.

Reservations by telephone

Click here to reserve a test drive.

* Until further notice, reservations will only be available on the day (Web reservations can be made from midnight on the day until 30 minutes before boarding)

* Japanese only.

* Test drives may not be available during special events or for other reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

* The 0800 free-dial number is also available from mobile phones. If your phone does not support the use of free-dial numbers, please call 03-3599-0809.

* Please be aware that your call will be recorded to ensure that your booking requirements are correctly understood and to continue improving our service. Recordings will be stored appropriately and then deleted to maintain privacy.

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