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RIDE ONE test drives


You can't tell how good a car truly is until you drive it.

Test drive the Toyota of your choice on a specially designed 1.3 km course.

If you find a car that interests you, go ahead and book a test drive straight away. That is how cars are supposed to be enjoyed at MEGA WEB. Test drive the Toyota of your choice over two laps of our 1.3 km test course that runs between the three MEGA WEB pavilions. This course has been specially designed to emphasize the fun of driving through a wide range of features, such as cobblestones and nighttime illumination. We also offer training courses based on your driving level.

Charge: ¥300 (per car), opening hours: 11:00 to 18:00

Map of test course

Test drives

Reservations can be made up to 30 minutes before an available time slot on the same day.

A wide range of vehicles equipped with the latest technologies are available for test drives, including Toyota's latest models.

Test car lineup

Click here to reserve a test drive.

Reservations by telephone

* Until further notice, reservations will only be available on the day (Web reservations can be made from midnight on the day until 30 minutes before boarding)

* Test drives may not be available during special events or for other reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

* Telephone inquiries may be made in Japanese only. Please be aware that your call will be recorded to ensure that your booking requirements are correctly understood and to continue improving our service. Recordings will be stored appropriately and then deleted to maintain privacy.

On the test drive reservations page, we will ask you about receiving notification emails from MEGA WEB.

Driver training

The following driver training courses are available by appointment. See the homepage of each course for the available dates. All training courses will be conducted in Japanese.

Training course for inexperienced drivers

Training course for inexperienced drivers

Basic driver training over the 1.3 km test course accompanied by an instructor in the front passenger seat. Learn various driving tricks, including the secrets of reverse and parallel parking.

Online training course for inexperienced drivers

Our popular training course to encourage inexperienced drivers to get behind the wheel is now online!Improve your driving skills by following the instructions of our ace instructor, Champ Fujita.

1. Reverse parking

2. Parallel parking

3. Blind spots

4. Supplement Introduction to Toyota's safety technologies

Information for visitors making a reservation

The following rules are in place for your safety.

1. For drivers
Drivers must hold a Japanese driver's license or an International Driving Permit (IDP) issued by a member country of the Geneva Convention.
* Drivers with a license limited to automatic transmission vehicles are only permitted to drive vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission.
2. For safety reasons, the following people are not permitted to use this service.
(1) Pregnant women and people who have consumed alcohol
(2) People who are short of sleep, fatigued, or are feeling unwell, people with high blood pressure, people who are susceptible to travel sickness, and people with heart, back, or neck problems
(3) People wearing sandals, high heels, or other unsuitable footwear (sneakers are available to be borrowed)
* Children measuring 135 cm or less in height will be required to use a booster seat.
3. Rules are also in place to ensure that visitors with physical or other disabilities can participate in test drives safely and comfortably.
(1) Visitors with impaired vision may ride as a passenger accompanied by a legally competent care assistant in possession of a driver’s license.
(2) Visitors with impaired hearing or speech may test drive a vehicle accompanied by a legally competent care assistant.
4. Visitors who are unable to follow the guidance of staff while driving may not participate in test drives.
5. Use of this attraction may also be prohibited in cases other than those described above.
Check with RIDE ONE staff or contact MEGA WEB directly for more details.
  • * Please come to the RIDE ONE counter on the first floor of the TOYOTA CITY SHOWCASE no later than ten minutes before your scheduled time.
  • * Please be aware that the RIDE ONE attraction may be closed, or your reserved model may not be available in the event of an accident, breakdown, or inclement weather. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
  • * You can cancel a reservation through this site, or by calling the free number shown on this page.

RIDE ONE  news & topics

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You can always enjoy your time with videos from "MEGA WEB ONLINE".

Uploaded a new video ★ 2021.10.22
Vehicle tutorial: The COROLLA CROSS
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New "Land Cruiser"exhibition and test drive 
"Driving without getting tired on any road in the world"

Robustness as a full-scale Off Roader and sophisticated exterior.

New "Aqua" exhibition & test drive!
Hybrid-only compact car

All models are equipped with a power supply function! Low fuel consumption, light and high-quality driving like an electric vehicle.

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Test drive started! Fuel is hydrogen, power is electricity "MIRAI"

Smoothly accelerating and overwhelming tranquility. Test drive a sense of unity with the car.

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