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Many of Toyota's latest cars are on show. Check out your favorite model!

Mobile Life Area

This area introduces the history of Toyota with a focus on current mobility services.

Welcab assisted mobility vehicles

The individual needs of car users are diversifying ever more as they use their cars in a variety of different ways, making a universal design–based approach to vehicle manufacturing increasingly necessary.Toyota’s range of Welcab assisted mobility vehicles provides a wide variety of models to choose from, including Friendmatic vehicles, which are equipped with driving assistance devices.

Welcab website

Car consultation counter

Our Mireru consultants will use the cars on show to answer any questions you might have, including questions relating to colors, storage space, comfort, and how to operate Welcab assisted mobility vehicles.Tell us about yourself and let us propose the car-based lifestyle that suits you best! Feel free to ask the consultants for whatever advice you need.

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    Answering your car-related queries

    Our consultants will provide accurate and useful advice, using the cars on show and catalogs to answer your queries.

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    Car recommendations

    Our consultants will recommend the perfect car based on your feedback about your car use.

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    Advice about buying a car

    Our consultants will offer a wide range of help about buying a car, such as information on test drives, and details of your nearest dealer.

Click here to read about Toyota's hottest new cars as presented by our car consultants.

The Mega Stage

The Mega Stage is the venue for a range of events relating to cars, music, sport, and more!

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