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ホームトヨタ シティショウケースWinglet



What’s a Winglet?It’s the personal mobility robot anyone can drive!

The Winglet is a personal mobility robot that can move any way you want just by sensing how you shift your body.
Rolling along at a speed close to a normal walk, the Winglet comfortably supports your mobility needs. From children to the elderly, men and women alike, anyone can ride a Winglet easily and safely.
It’s the next generation mobility device, compact and environmentally friendly, too!

  • Must be 140-184 cm (4'7"-6'0") in height; weighing 30-89 kg (66-196 lb)
  • Must not be intoxicated, injured, or pregnant
  • Must be prepared to change into the shoes provided if wearing high heels or sandals
  • Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian if under 16 years of age
  • Must sign a consent form
Registration counter
Winglet Counter,Global Discovery Zone
How to reserve
First-come, first-serve (registration will be closed when all openings are filled)
Please check here for availability.
Winglet Counter

Winglet Challenge

The Winglet Challenge, with its colorful LED course and laser tracking system, is a game you can experience nowhere else in Japan.
It’s the fun way for first-time riders to get used to operating a Winglet.
Take on the challenge, and win 10,000 points for mastering the course!

Winglet Challenge Duration 15mins

Frequently asked questions

QHow much will it cost to test-drive a Winglet?
AOur test drives are free.
QCan children ride, too?
AHeight and weight matter more than age. For details, please see the conditions above.
QDo I need a driver’s license to test drive a Winglet?
ANo license is needed.
QTell me about the Winglet’s speed and operating range?
AThe Winglet’s maximum speed is 6 km/h, with a range of approximately 4 km.
For more information, and to see detailed Winglet specifications, please visit the Toyota homepage.
QHow much does a Winglet cost?
AThe Winglet is not currently for sale.

※Operating hours and test-drive content subject to change.